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fact check did bernie sanders buy a 172 000 car with - a set of photographs was used to suggest that democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders had purchased an audi luxury automobile with campaign funds, why bernie sanders is standing with muslims csmonitor com - democratic presidential candidate senator bernie sanders i vt greets students after a town hall meeting with students at george mason university in fairfax va wednesday, bernie sanders campaign suspends the new york times - they might have been getting ahead of themselves on thursday senator bernie sanders s campaign suspended ms zimmerman 25 after revelations that she had used vulgarities in facebook posts, bernie and jane sanders under fbi investigation for bank - sen bernie sanders i vermont and his wife jane sanders have hired prominent defense attorneys amid an fbi investigation into a loan jane sanders obtained to expand burlington college while she, bernie sanders economic inequality town hall draws 1 7 - washington sen bernie sanders televised town hall on economic inequality drew about 1 7 million live viewers during an online broadcast monday night the panel discussion style event, bernie sanders revolution needs black voters to win but - bernie sanders revolution needs black voters to win but can he talk to them on wednesday at an mlk event sanders said that barack obama s charisma obscured democratic failures over the last decade a critique that ignited a sharp rebuke from black democrats who say he hasn t learned the lessons of 2016, civil rights hero john lewis slams bernie sanders mother - rep john lewis d ga the progressive icon who led the student nonviolent coordinating committee sncc during the civil rights movement on thursday dismissed sen bernie sanders, dnc civil war bernie sanders unloads on conservative - former presidential hopeful bernie sanders called out conservative democrats during a recent interview this week saying they had intentionally misinterpreted his comments about barack obama, bernie sanders trump attack on breastfeeding resolution - the trump administration s slavish devotion to corporate profits and their contempt for the health and well being of americans and people throughout the world is beyond appalling sen bernie sanders i vt wrote, bernie sanders seems to have forgotten a few of his votes - bernie sanders has been increasingly direct in his attacks against hillary clinton s past positions but there s only one problem with his holier than thou narrative sanders own voting, bernie sanders won t endorse son levi sanders new - if anyone can get bernie sanders endorsement it should be his son but per axios levi sanders who s running for a seat in new hampshire s 1st congressional district hasn t received, bernie sanders says he polls better against donald trump - bernie sanders democratic candidate for president discusses polling numbers on meet the press democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is behind in the delegate count by near, bernie sanders calls bill clinton the first real black - sanders jokes about the former president s popularity amongst the voters he needs as he and spike lee discuss the challenge of getting older blacks and latinos to support him and not hillary, bernie sanders campaign s data breach more serious time - the clinton campaign called for a clear accounting of the breach we were informed that our proprietary data was breached by sanders campaign staff in 25 searches by four different accounts and, inside bernie s wild ride politico magazine - if there was a turning point in sanders transformation it came in madison wis just before independence day last year short on advance staff sanders digital team was doing double duty, bank fraud bernie jane sanders still under fbi - the federal bureau of investigation is still digging into jane sanders shady land deal interviewing witnesses in recent weeks and weighing the possibility of convening a grand jury to review the investigation reports fox news jane the wife of vermont senator and former presidential hopeful bernie sanders came under scrutiny earlier this year regarding a land deal she secured while, released emails suggest the d n c derided the sanders - top officials at the democratic national committee criticized and mocked senator bernie sanders of vermont during the primary campaign even though the organization publicly insisted that it was, donald trump says he and bernie sanders are very similar - the same day the democratic national convention opened and bernie sanders supporters booed hillary clinton in large numbers donald trump sought in north carolina to win over some of those unhappy, et tu bernie truthdig - there are two versions of bernie sanders there is the old bernie sanders who mounted a quixotic campaign for the democratic presidential nomination as a democratic socialist who refused, democratic party presidential primaries 2016 wikipedia - the 2016 democratic party presidential primaries and caucuses were a series of electoral contests organized by the democratic party to select the 4 051 delegates to the democratic national convention held july 25 28 and determine the nominee for president of the united states in the 2016 u s presidential election the elections took place within all fifty u s states the district of, presidential candidate bernie sanders speaks about - bernie sanders has made a name for himself by pushing in his presidential campaign for fundamental changes to the way financial institutions operate within the u s he wants to reform the federal, amazon com how bernie won inside the revolution that s - the brilliant manager of bernie sanders s 2016 presidential campaign shows how bernie took on the entire establishment and changed modern american politics for good, emerging portrait of shooting suspect james t hodgkinson - for weeks james t hodgkinson sat in the lobby of the ymca in alexandria focused on his laptop and carrying a gym bag but never working out