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amazon com customer reviews berger bullets reloading - the berger bullets reloading manual had some valuable information that i suppose could be applied to reloading other than what i m planning on, the abcs of reloading the definitive guide for novice to - a step by step guide to reloading rifle and handgun cartridges and shotshells in these days of widespread ammunition shortages it pays literally to know how to roll your own cartridges, 45 acp quick guide reloading and 1911 field stripping - december 11th 2017 45 acp quick guide reloading and 1911 field stripping do you shoot a 45 acp we love this short fat cartridge because it is inherently accurate it makes big easy to see holes in paper and because it it works so well in the classic 1911 series of pistols, bryan litz ballistic tools and calculators berger bullets - berger bullets ballistics calculator the berger bullets ballistics calculator was created for beginning to advanced shooters using this tool you can calculate a range card drop chart that provides you an estimated trajectory based on provided conditions, load guide for rifle and handgun accurate powders - load guide for rifle and handgun edition 3 5 includes the most up to date and comprehensive 223 rem data available new data for 30 ar 30 t c and 6mmx45 po b o x 158 m iles c i t y m o n tana 59301 reloading powders gun care products other superior products, guide to 6br 6mm br norma 6mm 30 br cartridge with - what is the 6mm br the 6mm br that is most commonly used today is also called 6mm norma br 6br norma or just plain 6br norma started with the 6mm remington benchrest case and made the neck longer and increased the base dimension slightly though norma standardized the round most people shoot lapua brass because of its superior quality and uniformity not to mention lower cost, 6 5 47 lapua cartridge guide within accurateshooter com - this cartridge guide was written by the 6 5 guys visit their site at www 65guys com the 6 5x47mm lapua was developed in 2005 as a precision cartridge for 300m cism rifle matches lapua of finland and swiss rifle maker gr nig elmiger created this new cartridge to match the pure accuracy of the 6mmbr but with even better ballistics, western powders accurate powder - 1 western powders edition 5 0 this guide is intended to be used as a reference each individual handloader must determine what is the best and safest load for their, loading berger vld bullets shooters forum - i got a reply back from the man on reloading information as well he said sometime between spring and summer they will come out with a reloading manual for berger bullets, varmint al s favorite links page - reloading hardware and information links ol buffalo metallic cartridge handloading guide excellent info on reloading reloading blog shooter s oasis guns ammo and calls, rimfire ammo champion s choice - 2018 champions choice inc all rights reserved portfolio specials press release report problem software wiring hardware bargains, 22 250 cartridge guide within accurateshooter com - a bona fide 4000 fps varmint slayer the 22 250 is probably the most popular mid sized cartridge in existence first wildcatted in the 1930s off the savage 25 3000 parent case the 22 250 is widely used throughout the world and all the major rifle makers chamber for this fast versatile cartridge, colt cobra 38 special p revolver hyatt gun shop - the colt cobra marks colt s triumphant return to the world of double action revolvers its small frame and 2 barrel make it ideal for concealed carry, brownells search top rated supplier of firearm reloading - top rated supplier of firearm reloading equipment supplies and tools colt, spiderwebs for that oh shtf moment - the outdoor store for the military enthusiast find everything needed for your outdoor adventures, corbin custom bullet makers list - bullet makers are listed alphabetically by firm we depend upon the information received from these manufacturers on our questionaire for the specifics